That’s a tip I gave a good friend of mine:

Congratulations on your decision … you’re a wise woman. And even if you smoke the occasional 1 or 2 a day – as long as you are telling yourself that smoking cigarettes did not affect your health you’re good to go. The worst effect on people has the negative „subliminals“ if you are reading on every package „Smoking will kill you“ „Smoking leads to lung cancer“ etc. etc. People won’t die from lung cancer if they are smokers AND have the strong imprint in their mind that their body is stronger then the effects of the cigarettes.
Unfortunately most people are unaware of this correlation. THAT will lead to more cancer in smokers, because your subconscious mind is flooded with negative information concerning smoking.
In many indigenous cultures smoking is part of a ritual and there are no negative effects known in the books (I studied this on University a long time ago as Anthropologist 😉 This cultures are aware that smoke can help them building a connection to higher consciousness. But they have / had a better connection to their body and their health in general.

It’s really all about the internal representation you have of smoking. Imagine it healthy (don’t kill me people for saying that – I know it’s totally against mainstream thinking and politically totally incorrect) and it won’t affect you.

But because this is sometimes harder then quitting (it needs a VERY strong mind to go contra all the subliminal influences) I encourage to to quit it. But don’t be too hard on yourself if you smoke 1 or 2 a day. That’s WAY better then smoking 20 a day. Be nice to yourself.

Doing some Yoga (Pranayama – Breathing exercises) also helps because most smokers are unaware of the fact that they really don’t need the nicotine from the cigarettes BUT the deep inhaling action with their FIRST drag. This deep inhaling leads to relaxation (not the cigarette).

AND: smoking is a social acceptable reason for a break. That’s the most common reason for smoking: it allows you to have a break and nobody goes mad at you. BUT: If you are strong enough then you can allow yourself to have a break ANYTIME you want; to have a little walk outside, take a deep breath, enjoy your surroundings etc. etc. Everything you do WITH a cigarette you can also do WITHOUT a cigarette …

And if it does not help I can give you some NLP or Hypnosis sessions (I am a NLP Master since 15 years) to help you quitting. In my opinion and experience NLP and Hypnosis are the best supporting actions you can take to quit bad habits (not only smoking).


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