Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len hat in einer asiatischen Ho’oponopono-Seite eine Botschaft zur Situation in Japan veröffentlicht. Hier die englische Übersetzung. (Sobald ich die Zeit dazu finde, übersetze ich es ins Deutsche.) Hier das Wichtigste in Kürze:
Wer den Reinigungs-Prozess für Japan schon jetzt anwenden möchte, kann in seinem Geiste sagen: „Magenta. Magenta. Strahlung.“ Dieser Reinigungs-Prozess erreicht Mutter Erde und sagt ihr „Ich liebe dich!“ „Ich danke dir!“

Friede Sei Mit Dir



Our only task for existence is petitioning Divine Love nonstop to release from our souls memories replaying past errors and problems. Memories are toxic impurities and radiation in our souls.

Cleaning — repentance and forgiveness — allows Divine Creator to transmute our past errors, restoring our I-Dentity — our souls — back to its original state of void, of nothing, of zero. The „I“ automatically comes forth from the void into light, giving to all minds, all I-Dentities perfect relationships, perfect sources of wealth, perfect environment and perfect health.

Divine Light from the „I“ is renewable energies. Each time you clean, Divine Love transforms toxic energies in your soul, replacing them with new energies.

As I cleaned, the following cleansing process manifested to release errors in our souls that we are experiencing as the Japanese situation. Mentally say: „Magenta-Magenta-Radiation.“ This cleansing process reaches out to Mother Earth, saying to her: „I love you“ „Thank you“

We thank Divine Love for giving us the opportunity to make amends for our past errors, allowing the beauty of Spring to manifest in our souls.

I wish each of you Peace beyond comprehension.

I love you

Thank you

Peace of I,

Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D.

(Quelle: http://hooponopono-asia.org/news/sith_info/2011/03/000299.html)

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